KAYULIN Wooden Handgrip With Invertible 1/4" Thumbscrew Connection For Universal DSLR Camera Cage Rig (A Pair) K0176

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Product Highlights
• Left & right handgrip pair, ergonomic design 
 Detachable vertical handle connection   
• Can be installed forward or backward
 Mounts via two 1/4"-20 thumbscrews
• Thumbscrews mounting spacing 18mm
• Material: aluminum alloy & rosewood

Product Description 
 The KAYULIN Wooden Handgrip Pair is universally applicable for DSLR camera cage rigDV video cageRED camera rig and so on. It can be mounted to the cage rig via the two 1/4"-20 thumbscrews with spacing distance of 18mm. Afterwards you can further fasten the screw by the Allen key.
 The connection unit is detachable which enables you to install the handgrip either forward or backward by shifting the connection unit upside down. So that the handgrip can be more flexible and favorable in your particular photographic practice.   
 Deviation could be prevented with its two screws to fasten design. You can hold comfortably with the ergonomic design while shooting.

Net Weight: 176.6*2 g

Package Included:
2 x Wooden Hand Grip Large Size With 1/4"-20 Thumbscrew Knob 
1 x Allen Key

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