KAYULIN Ultra Light Sponge Handgrip With ARI Rosette M6 Thumbscrew Connection A Pair For Camera Monitor Cage Rig K0080

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Product Highlights
• Sponge handgrip for camera cage
• Ultra light, comfortable hand feel
• Mounts via ARI rosette M6 screw mount
• Material: sponge & aluminum alloy   

Product Description
• The Sponge Handgrip Pair features ARI rosette mount M6 screw connection, it is applied to connect with a cross bar / arm extension coming with ARI rosette M6 thread holes for a camera /monitor cage rig or shoulder mount rig. 
• The handgrip pair is made from solid aluminum alloy, covered with high quality ultra light sponge that quell concerns over sweaty palms or wet weather, and provides comfortable gripping hand feel.

Net Weight: 257*2 g  

Package Included:
2 x Ultra Light Sponge Handgrip With ARI Rosette M6 Thumbscrew Connection

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