KAYULIN Screen Protector Expansion Adapter 180 Degrees Adjustable Connector For Osmo Pocket Gimbal K0248

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Color:Black Expanded accessory

size:5.1x3x2.5 cm

Accessory type:installation

Suitable for:for Osmo pocket

To Fit:Camera,Camcorder


Product Description

1.With this expansion adapter for OSMO pocket, you can use most accessories for gopro sports camera

2.Where the buttons of the camcorder on the surface of the adapter is fluted, so you can feel free to operate the camera according to your need

3.Its bottom leaves the hole to help you immediately plug in the data cable of the camcorder without taking off the adapter

4.The screw hole can help you add the screw to fix the camera, making it stable, anti-slip, and reliable. What's more, the fluted design below it can keep the camera inside the adapter, so you don't need to worry that the camera will fall down easily

5.Its bottom is flat, so it can stand on the flat surface firmly without falling down to break the camera

6.This expansion adapter can provide a 180-degree adjustment when it is mounted on the tripod

1 x Expansion Adapter 180 Degrees Adjustable Connector

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