KAYULIN new design 15mm Rod Clamp Adjustable Black Ratchet Wingnut K0023

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Product Highlights
• Fits on standard 15mm rod
•1/4"-20 threaded hole available 
• Material: aluminum, CNC made

Product Description
• The KAYULIN Single 15mm Rod Clamp features 2* 1/4"-20 thread on the side for attaching any 1/4"-threaded accessory to a 15mm rod.
• Adjustable Black Ratchet Wingnut M4 Thread Screw  can be used with rod clamps, ensuring to lock the rod securely. It is spring loaded, and can be pulled out and turned to a more user friendly position after being tightened. 

Net weight: 23 g

Package Included
1 x 15mm Rod Clamp

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