KAYULIN Multifunction Adjustable 15mm Dual Rod Clamp Adapter With ARRI Rosette For Photo Studio K0197

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Product Highlights

• Fits standard 15mm rod / pole / tube

• A setup of two detachable rod adapters

• Connected via ARRI standard Rosette

• Fastened via an M6 thumbscrew

• Material: aluminum alloy

Product Description

• This 15mm Rod Adapter is universally compatible with 15mm rod support system that allows you to add additional accessories such as a handgrip, monitor, or LED light, etc.

• It features two detachable rod clamps integrated with ARRI standard Rosette, which makes it possible to freely adjust the rods’ position.

Net Weight: 113.6 g

Package Included:

1 × Adjustable 15mm Dual Rod Adapter With ARRI Rosette

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