Kayulin Dual Handgrip (Rubber) Front HandbarClamp Mount With 15mm Rod Clamp Adapter For Camera Shoulder Mounted Rig K0332

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Product Highlights
• A pair of rubber handgrip for shoulder rig
• 15mm rod cross bar connects dual handle
• Mounts via 15mm dual rod clamp adapter
• Material: anodized aluminum alloy

Product Description:
• The DSLR Rig Handle includes two our 15mm rod clamp handle grips, a 30cm aluminum rod and a 4 Holes Extendable Rod Clamp.
• For 15mm Rod Clamp Handle Grips: The Grip Core is made of solid aluminum, the textured rubber grips quell concerns over sweaty palms or wet weather. There is a 1/4"-20 thread hole on the bottom, which allows you to mount onto tripod. The Camera Handle Grip is designed to 15mm rod support rig, such as DSLR Shoulder Rig.
• For 30cm Aluminum: The 30cm Length 15mm Rod is made of solid aluminum, black anodize. Each rod has a M12 threaded hole in each end. This allows multiple rods to be attached end to end, using threaded coupling adaptor screws (No sales at present).
• 4 Holes Extendable Rod Clamp: It is compatible with standard 15mm diameter rods. Made of high quality aluminium, CNC machined.
The Extender Rod Clamp features 15mm diameter, 60mm spaced rod holes in the front/back of the clamp that allow users to extend with 15mm rods.

Net Weight: 416.6g

Package Included
1 x Dslr 3 Hole Extender Offset Rod Clamp Black
1 x 30cm Aluminium Rod
2 x 15mm Rod Clamp Handle Grips Black

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