Kayulin Chest Stabilizer Support System Double Hand Grip 360° Adjustable With Lens Support for DSLR Cameras DV cameras K0348

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Product Highlights

• Universally applied to pro DSLR cameras & DV camcorders
• Manfrotto QR baseplate with both 3/8" & 1/4" camera screws
• Compatible with Manfrotto 577/ 501/ 504/ 701 tripod
• Ergonomic and comfortable gel polymer shoulder pad
• Comes with M6 ARRI Rosette dual handle leather grip
• Arri rosette handgrip allows 360° roate to stop any position
• Front 15mm double rods for accessories (300mm long)
• Adjustable sliding Y shape support for lens
• Leather grip and sponge pad provide maximum comfort
• Material: aluminum alloy & Rubber & Sponge

• The Kayulin Chest Stabilizer Support System is a stabilizer for DSLR cameras and DV camcorders. the padded shoulder support, which carries the camera and bears most of the weight, will enable you to shoot for longer periods of time, execute more fluid moves.
• It’s equipped with a quick release Manfrotto baseplate for easy, quick attach & detach of the camera. The included 15mm double-rod support system allows users to add accessories such as a lens holder, and it is adjustable along the rods.
• The M6 ARRI Rosette handgrip set is an adjustable dual handle system that lets you position handgrips at desired height, angle and distance. It also keeps the the whole rig balanced and stable. Together with the shoulder pad, this shoulder-mount rig provides ultimate comfort while your hours of handheld shooting.

Net Weight: 1.45 kg

Package Included:
1 x Shoulder Pad Integrated with Manfrotto QR Baseplate & 15mm Double-rod Clamp
2 x ARRI Rosette Rubber Dual Handgrip
2 x 15mm Aluminum Rod (300mm long)
1 x 15mm Double-rod Clamp
1 x Y-shape Lens Holder
2 x Hex Spanner

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