KAYULIN Arri Rosette M6 Female Thread Adapter & 15mm Rod Clamp for for rosette accessories K0157

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Product Highlights    
 Work as an L shape extension arm    
• Female M6 ARRI Rosette mount
 15mm rod clamp at the other end   
 Material: aluminum alloy

Product Description 
 An L shape extension arm includes ARRI Rosette mount with M6 female thread and a 15mm rod clamp.
 It can be attached onto a standard 15mm rod, ialso allows for accessories (such as a Rosette handle grip) that mount via the female M6 ARRI standard rosette 

Net Weight: 62.4 g 
Package Included:         
1 x ARRI Rosette M6 Female Thread Adapter with 15mm Rod Clamp



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