KAYULIN 2" Micro Rod (Aluminum) With Double-ended 1/4"-20 Female Threads (2 Pieces) K0001

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Product Highlights 
• For extending additional accessories 
• Standard 15mm micro rod 2 inches long 
• Mounts via 1/4" thread hole on both ends

• Extendable, light weight & high rigidity
• Material: anodized aluminum alloy

Product Description

• Standard 15mm rod, surface treatment of hardening and anodic oxidation. 
• It can serve as a 15mm quick release micro extension rod/ screw adapter for accommodating accessories that requires a 1/4"-20 female thread connection.

Net Weight: 20.8 *2 g

Package Include:  
2 x 15mm Micro Rod with Double Ended Internal 1/4" Female Thread (2" long)

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