Kayulin 15mm Double Rod Clamp with M6 ARRI Style Rosette Mount 15mm Rod Clamp Arri Rosetter Lock Threaded Hole New Arrival K0349

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Product Highlights
• Integration of 15mm dual-port rod clamp
• 2 locking knobs secure the rod system tight and firm
• Concurrently set up 15mm rod support system
• Mounts via ARRI M6 rosette mount on one ends
• Fits ARRI rosette accessories with M6 thread
• Material: anodized aluminum alloy & stainless steel

Product Description
The Double 15mm Rod Clamp with Rosette from Kayulin mounts on a 15mm rod system by clamping onto two rods. The rod clamp can be used for attaching accessories, such as a handle, monitor arm, or EVF support with an rosette to your rig.

Net Weight: 60.5 g

Package Includes:
1 x 15mm Double Rod Clamp With M6 ARRI Rosette Mount


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